Sosatie BBQ Sauce

Sosatie BBQ is as typically South African "Braai" BBQ as it gets.

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SIDE BAR: Ukuva Sauces are available in various labels in different parts of the world - whichever label it carries, if it says 'Ukuva Sosatie BBQ ' (or Safari BBQ), its the same deliciousness inside.

WHAT'S IN IT   ...

Ingredients: Water, sugar (15%), spirit vinegar (11%), fruit chutney (dried apricots, peach pulp), tomato paste, canola oil, salt, modified corn starch, apricot jam (apricot puree, pectin), turmeric, paprika, coriander, onion, cumin, mustard, garlic, fenugreek, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, fennel, xanthan gum, citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.


Tangy-sweet, apricotness - perfect for family BBQ’s. If you’ve flame grilled it, it will sing with Sosatie BBQ - Corn, hamburger, pork ribs, butternut, chicken and kebabs of all kinds.

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A typical South African Sosatie is made with cubes of lamb (generally cut from shoulders), re-hydrated dried apricots (if they're in season, fresh is better!), red onion petals and slices of green and red pepper.

Marinade the meat in some Sosatie mixed with a little sunflower oil and lemon juice. Generally, the ratio is about 2tbs Sosatie to 1tbs of sunflower oil and 1tbs of lemon juice.

Make just enough marinade to paint the meat on all sides - it does not have to swim in the marinade!

Paint the mixture onto the meat and let it rest for at least an hour. In the old days our ancestors marinated the meat overnight, but frankly, it left the meat dehydrated and slightly de-natured (acid-cooked).

Soak the wooden or bamboo skewers in water (stops them burning on the grill). We prefer to use shorter, rather than longer skewers. Some people use steel skewers - also good, just dont leave them soaking in the marinade - if you're using steel, load the skewers and grill immediately.

Thread the sosatie onto the skewers - example: start with an apricot half, then green pepper, meat, red pepper, red onion, another pepper, meat, apricot etc. It doesnt really matter what order you go in, just make sure you more or less alternate all the ingredients and all the skewers get their share of meat.

As the sosaties are threaded, dab on some more of the marinade and let them rest until the fire is ready.

The 'rule' for successfully grilling sosaties - sear all sides on the direct heat, then indirect heat until the meat is just cooked. Perfect lamb is not well done.

When the meat is just done, take the sosaties off the grill and let them rest in a warm dish for a few minutes. Remember, the meat carries on cooking during this rest.

Drizzle on some more Sosatie BBQ and serve.
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The marinade also works well on lamb steaks.

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Sosatie is  delicious as a finishing sauce for grilled (or griddled) chicken.

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And with grilled or fried pork.

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Drizzle some Sosatie BBQ Sauce over flame grilled corn just before serving.

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And for vegi-vore guests, some roasted butternut and roast onion petals, dressed with Sosatie BBQ sauce is perfect. We generally serve it with a topping of crumbled feta cheese and seed, nut and dried onion sprinkles.

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Then there's burgers (of course). The local teens will slather Sosatie BBQ on every surface of a burger. We're told it is super-delicious - particularly with the bacon!

So there it is - if it has been flame grilled, griddled or fried, it will certainly taste really good with Sosatie BBQ Sauce.

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