Gold Sauce

Some people claim Gold Sauce is HOT, others, not so much...
What we do know is that it is the gold standard for chilli flavour - and
we're not the only ones saying so - Gold has many, many fans.

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SIDE BAR: Ukuva Sauces are available in various labels in different parts of the world - whichever label it carries, if it says 'Ukuva Gold' (or Malawi Gold), its the same deliciousness inside.

WHAT'S IN IT   ...

Ingredients: Water, vinegar, canola oil, carrots (5%), sweet potato, sugar, chilli, coriander (3,7%), onions, garlic, salt, turmeric, citric acid, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.


Gold shines on chicken, game fish and lamb.

Gold adds a fiesty snap to vegetarian food, like chickpeas and onions, pasta with aubergines and sundried tomato, sweet potato with peanuts, and stir-fry bowls.

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If you like 'hot' chicken, you have to make grilled chicken with Gold Sauce - like many, many before you, you'll have found a new favourite, favourite...

Halve or spatchcock your chicken. Make the marinade - equal volumes of plain yogurt, Gold Sauce and vegetable oil and lemon juice mixed. (Eg: 2tbs yogurt, 2 tbs Mamba, 1 tbs oil, 1 tps lemon juice). You dont need a lot - only enough to paint generously onto both sides of your chicken.

Paint the mixture onto both sides of the chicken - make sure to reach every little fold and set aside to rest for at least half an hour.

The 'rule' for successfully grilling chicken is simple - indirect heat and be patient - it does take a little time (40 - 45 minutes). Frankly, you need to be a super-skilled grill master to get chicken perfect on an open flame grill. For the rest of us, a kettle bbq with a lid works.

BTW - when in doubt, use a meat thermometer to check the thickest part of the thigh and breast - 75° C is generally regarded as 'safe to eat'.

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Salt and Pepper Squid with a touch of Rainbow Pepper is just about as good as it gets for squid...

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Cauliflower for adults - and its exciting!

Mix 200ml of extra-thick, double cream yoghurt, a handful of finely chopped cashew nuts and 50ml Malawi Gold.

Put a cleaned head of cauliflower in a deep bowl and pour the mixture over the top. Roast at 180C for an hour, or until tender.

Makes a great starter or for a light lunch, serve with butter-grilled flatbread. Such a satifying 'eat' on so many levels!

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Did we mention that Gold has special skills with cauliflower?

Make a Gold dressing to enjoy with a lentil, roast butternut and cauli salad.

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Roast off some red onion petals with cauli florets and mini tomatoes to serve on fresh pasta. Drizzle a little Gold over the top and garnish with mustard greens.

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It started as an experiment - mixing Gold Sauce into orange and lemon juice with a splash of oil. Then basting it onto a tray of roast butternut and sweet potato. The pecan topping with lemon and orange zest dressed it perfectly.

Wow - flavour +++ - an 'all-plants' winner!

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Friends with an airfryer are hooked on vegie-crisps - butternut, sweet potato, beetroot (even parsnip and (shudder!)kale). And their 'dip' of choice? Mayonnaise boosted with Gold!

Like it's sisters (Mamba and Fire Sauce), Gold Sauce is built on a vegetable base - that is why it is such a good mixer. If you appreciate quality, Gold is as good as it gets.

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