Add the smokey-charms of 'no-meat' bacon (vacon?) bits...

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WHAT'S IN IT   ...

Smoked dry paprika (47%), coarse salt, garlic flakes (17%), dry basil (10%).


Smoked Seasoning is a product of the Western Cape. It is made where the Paprika and Basil are grown, by the people who grew it.


What's your Smoked Seasoning bliss?

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The first soul-secret of Smoked Seasoning is that on no-meat dishes, it really needs a fat and an acid to make it shine - so think tomatoes, cheese, oils - it is of course, best, best friends with Smoked Olive Oil - they really bring out the best in each other!

The second soul-secret is moderation. It is so easy for 'smoke' to overwhelm and dominate (not cool!) - so start with a pinch - you can always add more.

If we have to pick ONE taste-maker to instantly lift a salad or a pizza or a tomato pasta - this is it. A pinch of Smoked Seasoning will do it every time!

Meat-wise, think pork, beef and chicken. Mix a little (as in a pinch) - with your seasoning before grilling your meat and add another pinch before serving.

Superb in any grilled cheese topping - but coming to think of it, is there anything better than a cheese and tomato toastie with Smoked Seasoning?

Flavour-bomb a Caprese Salad: After slicing the tomatoes, dust them very lightly with a pinch of Smoked Seasoning. Layer-up with fresh basil leaves and slices of Mozzarella and don't say a word to the Italians at the table.

Making croutons? Lightly toast the bread, brush with olive oil, (lightly!) scrape a clove of garlic over the surface of the bread and cut into squares. Turn them out onto a generously oiled baking tray - be sure they're not crowded (otherwise they'll sweat instead of crisp!). Crumble a light layer of Smoked Seasoning over the cubes and bake at 160°C for ±20 minutes or until golden and crisp.

Oh - and it also LOVES Avo's...

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South Africa T:+27 (0)834759844
Rain Morgan