INSPIRATIONS & IDEAS - Sundried FIG Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Evocatively, sweetly warm, dark and dusky - that is Sundried Fig Balsamic Vinegar Reduction.

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WHAT'S IN IT   ...

Ingredients: Grape vinegar, balsamic vinegar, apple & grape fruit concentrate, sundried figs (10%), brown sugar, liquid glucose, antioxidant: sulphur dioxide, colourant: caramel.


The people who make the Infused Balsamic Vinegar Reductions (we never have found a shorter name worthy of the product!) are totally committed to excellence - there are no half-measures, no expedient compromises - and that is a very good thing.


Fig and balsamic vinegar has a deep, sweet, warm and dusky flavour.

It has a natural flavour affinity with lamb, beef and smoked meats. Excellent with almond, macadamia and cashew, also cheeses: Brie, Haloumi, Feta or Pecorino, and tomatoes: fresh, sundried, half-dried, grilled, roast or stewed... Use it as a marinade or salad splash, or add to stews, sauces, braised meats or roast vegetables.

Dark, dusky and rich with ripe, sundried fig flavour, this infused balsamic reduction is the ultimate compliment for a salad of divine ingredients: sunripe figs, fresh walnuts, cheeses (light gorgonzola, camembert, brie, chevre or feta) on baby spinach, watercress and sweet rocket.

The perfect dressing for a special occasion warm salad of roast guinea fowl or quail on parsnip rounds, with roast fig, a slice of Camembert and airdried beetroot and parsnip chips for crunch.

Then there is griddled pears with gorgonzola and walnuts on wild greens - perfectly dressed with Sundried Fig Reduction and a splash of buttery Smoked Oil.

Sundried Fig is exceptionally good with sundried tomatoes. Lightly pack a jar with sliced sundried tomatoes, fill with warm water to roughly a fifth from the top - top up with Sundried Fig Reduction - close the lid and shake to mix well. Allow to reconstitute in the fridge overnight. Serve with grilled beef steak and potatoes dressed with a drizzle of Smoked Olive oil, Parmesan shavings and toasted Pine nuts.

Make a gourmet Summer snack-salad: Slice a ripe avocado onto a bed of sweet rocket leaves. Top with chopped garlic chives and add a generous sprinkle of pine nuts and shaved Parmesan. Dress with a drizzle of Smoked Olive Oil and Sundried Fig Reduction.

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