Turqle Trading is a good food story...

The true test of a sauce (or spice blend, or condiment), is that it heroes your food.

We put in the 10,000 hours of kitchen time - build flavours with robust foundations, interesting accents and supportive counterpoints. BUT what does this really mean?

For the sauces and relishes and mustards and pastes, the "great-flavour-backbone" comes from real vegetables: sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, garlic and chilli.

For the spices, the secret is in balance. Blending spices is part art, part craft, part luck and part magic. The main theme in a blend is fairly obvious, but the real test is the choice of 'praise singers' - the subtle bits that add the nuances... those accents that will spike little pops of salt, or sweet or acid or herb.

In short, we have done a lot of the 'flavour work'... so you don't have to do it all.


Turqle has two brands:

Cape Treasures -

a taste of the Cape - deliciously mellow, classic Cape flavours, and

Ukuva iAfrica -

a taste of Africa - feisty, lively and often fiery; a travellers tale told in flavours.

Cape Treasures logo and composite of products

Cape Treasures

Smooth classics with the essential flavour signature of the Cape: rich, well developed, complex and intense. It is everyday fine dining that really does make good food wonderful.

Ukuva iAfrica logo and composite of products.

Ukuva iAfrica

Ukuva iAfrica is the "Taste of Africa": BIG flavours - mesmerisingly complex - often hot - an exciting flavour adventure, it is robust and delicious. Its a travellers' tale told in flavours...

We also pack products under private, fair trade labels...


EL Puente Grinders

El Puente - Germany

El Puente in Germany has a range of about forty products under their own label. In many cases the products are not identical to the Ukuva or Cape Treasures products - there are tiny differences in some of the formulations, and in some cases the products were made especially for El Puente. El Puente is a WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade member in their own right - that is why all their products carry the WFTO GS label.

We have been building our export market since 1997. There are Cape Treasures and Ukuva products in the UK, the USA, Western Europe, Sweden and Australia (see the 'contacts' pages of Cape Treasures and Ukuva for lists of stockists).

Inside South Africa we have a lively on-line shop: www.turqle.co.za. Trade enquiries: contact pieter@turqle.com

Ultimately, it is about delivering what we promise: an excellent people story AND a good food story. Great tasting products - made with the best ingredients - by people who really like food.

Isn't that nice to know?


WFTO Gauranteed Fair Trade logo on the Turqle Trading's web page footer.
Turqle pays 2,5% of the FOB price of every product sold, to the Fair Trade Trust. This money is used for the education of the workers and their children. Some of Turqle's customers also contribute to the Fair Trade Trust.